Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fourth Sunday of Lent - Ashamed No More: Grace that is Wasted

On this Fourth Sunday of Lent we continue our exploration into the theme of salvation from the perspective of honor and shame, rather than from a more western perspective of judgment and guilt.  Ashamed No More throughout Lent examines how we might understand God's grace and mercy differently, how we might understand salvation differently as we examine these through the lens of honor and shame.  
Connect to Ashamed No More: Grace that is Wasted.  This week's message focuses upon how God "wastes" grace on us.  Not in the perspective that we are undeserving - we are.  But rather, God does not stop pouring grace out upon us - God keeps bestowing grace upon us so that it overflows our lives - i.e., God wastes grace on us in order for us to have an abundant experience of grace in our lives.