Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On this Fourth Sunday after Epiphany we continue our series on Encountering GodThe season of Epiphany focuses on Jesus Christ being revealed to the world - particularly through the Magi - and now today, through us.  Throughout Epiphany we are exploring how, in our encountering God, we manifest the life and ministry of Jesus, how we go about demonstrating the presence of God in the places we work and live among the persons we engage in our day to day lives.  
Connect to Encountered by God's Embrace: God Birthed in Us - Fulfillers of God's Word.  This week's message focuses upon how like Christ we live fulfilling the word of God in our lives.  As we reflect upon how God's Word - God's Story and Vision forms and shapes us, how it transforms us, we realize that in embodying God's Word in our lives - we live as ones who fulfill the purposes of God's word in our human contexts.  

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