Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 1, 2013 The Sin We Commit: Drinking from Cisterns and Not the Living Spring

Our relationship with God is a mutual relationship – God not only interacts with us, God desires for us to interact with God in deeply personal ways.  And yet, though God is faithful to us, we often are not faithful to God.  We like to have God around (as a consultant), but God wants to be more than a consultant – God wants to be a confidante, one who walks with us and we with God.  The sins we commit are not so much behavioral “sins” but the sin of not needing God.  We think that we are self-sufficient – but life is to be found in being centered in God. 

Jeremiah reveals the waywardness of the priests and people in which they sought to find living water elsewhere than from the life of God.  From where do we draw our life?

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