Tuesday, January 21, 2014

North Suburban Vision Series - Christ-Centered Community: January 12, 2014 - A community centered in Jesus Christ

We begin a new series in 2014 focusing on North Suburban's Vision Statement which exclaims:

"As a living body of Jesus Christ, our vision at North Suburban Mennonite Church is to be a Christ-centered community, embodying Christ-like compassion, living with Christ-led courage"

Our focus on Christ-centered community is expanded in the following statement:

Being Community
To be a Christ-centered community, we will be a committed, nurturing Anabaptist community, which celebrates our unity in Christ in the midst of the diversity of God's family. We will support each other in our spiritual, human and material needs. We will challenge each other to faithful living. We will maintain open communication with each other in a spirit of love and respect. We will commit to spiritual discipline to further our relationship with God.

The message from this Sunday focuses on exploring that we are not merely centered in the ways of Jesus, but in fact are in relationship with Christ Jesus, and centered in the One who is the Living Lord.  And in being centered in him we are a life-giving community in the world identifying with Jesus in such a way that we are human in the world the way he was human.

Link to Message: Being Community: Being a community centered in Jesus Christ

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