Friday, September 19, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014 - Rekindling Our Passion: Jesus' Call, Our Call

Rekindling Our Passion

What do we do when we lose our passion for living, for being the community of God?  As Paul urges in Romans 12:11 to not lose our spiritual zeal.  This series focuses on rekindling our zeal, our passion by focusing on Jesus' call, aims, self-understanding - for them to become our call, aim, for us to developed a renewed sense of our self-understanding - in short for our passion to be rekindled by our passion being our walking with Christ Jesus.

This week our focus is on Jesus' Call, Our Call.

What are we called to in life?  A calling is more than what we aspire to, rather it is a sense that God impresses upon us – that which we must do as we live out our lives as a follower of Christ Jesus.  What is the call with which we are baptized?    

Link to message:  Jesus' Call, Our Call

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