Friday, January 23, 2015

Second Sunday after Epiphany - January 18, 2015 Courageous Conversations on Sexuality: Honoring God in Our Bodies

During Epiphany we are focusing on Christ being revealed through our lives, our actions.  Also, as our community begins a courageous conversation on sexuality and same-gender relationships, we are seeking to discover how this conversation can take place in ways which places Christ first, honors the purposes and mission of God.  The theme of Epiphany is to see and reveal the presence of God in the midst of our conversing together with one another - especially as we address these issues from theologically diverse positions.

This Sunday focuses on Paul's admonition of the Corinthian church and their ambivalence towards sexual immorality.  We are called to honor God with our bodies - what does that mean when we engage in this conversation on sexuality?  In one sense, we realize it is not only about our pleasure, we seek to honor God with and in our bodies as we follow after Christ.  

Link to Message: Honoring God with Our Bodies

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