Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fifth Sunday After Epiphany: Dancing with God in the Ordinary Rhythms of Our Lives

This week we celebrated the fifth Sunday after Epiphany. Our community is in the midst of a series focusing on Discovering the Presence of God in the Ordinary Rhythms of Life in which we are juxtaposing the Old Testament and Gospel texts.

The message for this fifth Sunday after Epiphany, which took place at our annual Church Retreat at Camp MennoHaven, focused on the following Scriptures: Isaiah 40:21-31; Mark 1:29-39

Connect to Dancing with God in the Ordinary Rhythms of Our lives . In this message, I invite us to notice the rhythms of God in our lives so that we might join in with what God is doing.  This is much like a dance - in which we just don't jump in and do our own moves, but take a moment to discern, to catch the beat, to become attuned to the rhythm of God so that we can join in with God in dancing the dance of life, being invited in and inviting others into the dance that is the community of God.  

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