Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Sunday of Lent: Psalms of Disorientation and Reorientation - Trusting God: Entering into Disorientation

This past week we entered into the season of Lent (actually on Ash Wednesday), but we observed the first Sunday of Lent. During Lent, our community is focusing upon a series entitled Psalms of Disorientation and Reorientation in which we are preparing e ourselves for the new life that comes through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter.  We are reminding ourselves in what ways our lives are so often disoriented from the ways of God and as we engage these Psalms in Lent we seek to be open to being reoriented to the ways of God.

The message for this first Sunday of Lent focused on Psalm 25: 1-10

Connect to Trusting God - Entering into Disorientation. In this message, we are invited to not fear times of disorientation.  When we encounter disorientation, rather than praying to go back to our comfortable ways, our old orientations, may we trust God to a new place, a new orientation - in which we are reoriented.  Reorientation only comes when we journey through disorientation. 

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