Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fourth Sunday of Lent: Psalms of Disorientation and Reorientation - How Can We Give Thanks to God in Difficult Times?

On this fourth Sunday of Lent we continue our focus on Psalms of Disorientation and Reorientation in which we are preparing e ourselves for the new life that comes through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter.  We are reminding ourselves in what ways our lives are so often disoriented from the ways of God and as we engage these Psalms in Lent we seek to be open to being reoriented to the ways of God.

The message for this fourth Sunday of Lent focused on Psalm 107

Connect to
How Can We Give Thanks to God? Being Reoriented in Difficult Times. In this message, we experience reorientation as we learn to give thanks to God in difficult times.  This does not mean we thank God for everything - because trauma and pain is not the will of God - everything does not have a purpose for God.  But in giving thanks to God IN every circumstance, rather than for every circumstance, we are connected to God in our difficult times - and in being connected to God, in giving thanks, God walks with us through our dark times.  God is with us IN our difficult times

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