Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday: Resurrection - The Ultimate Reorientation

On this Easter Sunday, we move from our Lenten focus on Psalms of Disorientation and Reorientation in which we were preparing ourselves for the new life that comes through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter, to celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus as the ultimate act of reorientation.  Our lives on our own are so often disoriented from the ways of God, but in being joined with Christ in his resurrection from the grave, we enter into a radically new orientation as human beings in human community.

The message for Easter Sunday focused on Acts 10.

Connect to Resurrection: The Ultimate Reorientation .  In this message we focused on the Spirit being the main character in Acts 10 who brings about transformation not according to our political or theological agendas, but according to what the Spirit desires to do in bringing a diverse human together as a community in Christ.  In the example of Peter and Cornelius - a Jew and Roman soldier, we as a community of Jesus are to be open to whomever the Spirit of God brings into our midst so that we might all be transformed in ways the Spirit desires. The Resurrection and transforming work of the Spirit are the ultimate acts of reorientation in our lives.

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