Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Sunday of Advent: Wading into Faithfulness - Passing on Mercy and Grace

On this First Sunday of Advent we are focusing upon the floods of difficulties that overwhelm our lives, but equally we can experience the flood of God's grace and mercy.  Throughout Advent we our prayer is to receive God's overwhelming presence in the midst of our difficulties. 

Connect to Wading in Faithfulness: Passing on Mercy and Grace.  This week's message focuses upon our hope our anticipation of Jesus' return.  It is a hope not of escaping this place - because we were created to be human and we we given the earth as a gift for being our home.  So when God makes all things new we will be recreated as human beings (bodily resurrection) and our dwelling will be on earth - new earth with God's dwelling being with us.  In light of this our hope, our ministry is to be partners with God in God's activity of making all things new. 

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