Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fourth Sunday of Advent: Carried on a Flood of Reversal - From Insignificant Things

On this Fourth Sunday of Advent we continue focusing upon the floods of difficulties that overwhelm our lives, but equally we can experience the flood of God's grace and mercy.  Throughout Advent we our prayer is to receive God's overwhelming presence in the midst of our difficulties. 

Connect to Carried on a Flood of Reversal: From Insignificant ThingsThis week's message focuses upon the reality that evil does not have the last word.  In the midst of a world filled with sorrow and injustice, God sends a flood of reversal to make things right, especially those who have been trampled upon: mercy for the poor, the hungry, the lowly.  Our Scripture passages reveal that God conquers evil from insignificant places, through insignificant persons, as revealed by Bethlehem and Mary.  

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