Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Sunday after Epiphany: Encountering God in Our Baptism - Being at Home with God and Revealing God's Presence

On this First Sunday after Epiphany we begin our new series on Encountering God.  The season of Epiphany focuses on Jesus Christ being revealed to the world - particularly through the Magi - and now today, through us.  Throughout Epiphany we are exploring how, in our encountering God, we manifest the life and ministry of Jesus, how we go about demonstrating the presence of God in the places we work and live among the persons we engage in our day to day lives.  
Connect to Being at Home with God: Revealing God's PresenceThis week's message focuses upon God's love for us is revealed in God creating us, naming us and being with us.  As the people of God we do not merely grasp hold of God's love for ourselves, but we reveal and demonstrate God's love for the world by living in ways which make God's presence known in our worlds.  

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