Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014 - What Do You Want Out of Church? Tradition? Being the People of God

What Do You Want Out of Church?

This is a continuing series within our Fall Focus of Walking with Christ Jesus.

We have many reasons for coming to church - though we may not know how to articulate them.  We may be better able to articulate what we do not like about church.

So in these next four weeks we will be exploring four primary images of the church in the New Testament to discover what it is to be church - Body of Christ, People of God, Fellowship of Faith, and New Creation.  These relate to issues of comfort and diversity, tradition and Story, Community, and being a sign of a new way of being human in the world.

This week our focus was upon rehearsing our tradition in the story of being God's people, being a part of God's Story.

Focus: Being the people of God is to realize that we are God’s people – a people who share in God’s Story.  In this Story, we are a people to whom God has shown mercy, people to whom God has taken for God’s own.  Therefore, our response is to share this Story, by worshiping and giving thanks for God’s mercy, for God’s inclusion in the fulfilling of God’s redemptive Story in the world.  As we gather as God’s people, we engage in rehearsing this Story week after week.

Link to message: Tradition - Rooted in God's Story: Being the People of God

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