Friday, December 5, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014 Walk Humbly with God

This message is the last message on a brief series on Micah 6:8.

This focus on walking humbly with God also coincides with our annual Covenant Sunday in which we renew our commitment to follow Jesus Christ and to be stubbornly loyal to one another as a community.

Focus: Walking humbly with God calls us to live mindful of God in every area and aspect of our lives.  It is not about our being "good." It is about recognizing that only God is good and that as we live wide open to God, God's Spirit works in us to shape us and transform us into the image of Christ.

Walking humbly with God is not about us, but about living in such a way that God's presence is revealed in and through us in the going ons of our daily lives.

Link to Message: Walk Humbly with God

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